Anouncement! The Missouri Secession Crisis Project

!!Conspiracy and Treason against the General Government and the State of Missouri!!
!Plot to attack the Arsenal and carry the state into the Rebellion!
!!Rebel Arms Seized!!
!!Attempted Coup D’état in America!!
General Frost and Disunionist Militia Captured by Loyal Troops!
!!Riot and Murder in the Streets of the St. Louis!!

The Missouri Secession Crisis Project is has been underway since 2009, examining thousands of period documents to understand the origin of the Civil War in the “most divided state”. On Sunday, May 24, we will begin presenting the preliminary results of this six year archival research project here……at The particulars found in the period documents are often sharply different than those in the post war histories, and provide a clear picture of participants’ motivations and the cause and effect of previously confusing events.
The Project has concluded that in April and May, 1861 the pro-secession Governor of Missouri, Claiborne Fox Jackson, and leaders of the Missouri Volunteer Militia (MVM), planned and attempted to use military force to overturn the decision of the State Convention rejecting secession. If the Jackson-Frost Conspiracy had not been preempted by Federal action it had every chance of success…potentially changing the course of the Civil War. It was also arguably America’s first (and so far only) attempted military coup.
Such an exceptional claim must be supported by strong evidence. While a series of articles covering various aspects of the Missouri Secession Crisis is planned, the evidence will be provided immediately. An array of period documents, transcriptions and discussions will be presented over the coming weeks and months. This will allow scholars to immediately begin considering the evidence, discussing how war came to the “most divided state”…….and how the true story of that tragedy was edited from history after the war.
Join us here beginning May 24

Governor Jackson

Governor Jackson

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