Back from overseas

Dear Civil War scholar friends, I have recently returned from an extended period overseas, and am resuming my posts here. A major project will be the presentation of research and documents dealing with the Missouri Secession Crisis….the initiation of the Civil War in the Western Theater, and the Federal government’s first (if mixed) military successes.

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One thought on “Back from overseas

  1. i am glad you are back.

    As you may know I have translated and edited letters from Germans who fought in the Civil War and four of the collections have been published by university presses. I am considering doing another book of translated and edited letters if i can find enough worthy letters. I have translated and edited letters from the 6th Ky. U.S.; 32nd Ind.; 82nd Ill.; and 9th Ohio. Would like to do a collection of Missouri German’s letters if I can find some that are other than mundane. I can usually read the old German handwriting. Will consider any state if the letters are good. Looking for letters that contain reasons for joining army, descriptions of battles, marches and hardships, expressions of feeling about Anglo-Americans, other Germans, and the enemy, and so forth. Let me know if you are aware of any such letters.

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